How Home Lighting Control Helps with the Holidays

Smarter light enhances your interiors and enables you to relax

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s no doubt you’re stressed about them. From planning the perfect holiday party to getting the most out of your time with the family, there’s a lot to think about before the winter season settles in Saratoga, CA. Thankfully, if you have a smart home lighting control system, you can take one problem off your plate. Find out how your smart lighting will help with the holidays here.

3 Technologies You Can Use to Enhance Your Next Home Theater Design

Impress your clients with stylish, up-to-date devices and systems

The lines between interior design and technology continue to blur. If you’re a designer serving Sausalito, CA, you should stay ahead of the curve when it comes to integrated systems. At Hermary’s, we make it easy to add technology to your projects, including smart automation and home theater design. In this blog, we’ll show you some great elements you can work with that will satisfy both your clients and your aesthetic values. Keep reading for more.

Designing for Wellness: Using Smart Lighting Control for Health

How Tunable Lighting Influences Wellness

Designers know that the secret to any good room layout isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about building a space optimized for use and comfort. Furniture and wall art can turn a house into a home. And designers can also utilize the technology in the room to influence feelings of comfort and wellness. For instance, tunable smart lighting control has transformed the way lighting affects our surroundings. What’s tunable lighting, and why is it a game-changer for designers in Tiburon, CA? Find out below.