Do You Want the Whole Outdoor Entertainment Package?

Learn How to Turn Your Backyard Into an Impressive Place for Music, Movies, and Entertaining 

Go big at home with a comprehensive outdoor entertainment system! It’s the only way to fully enjoy music, movies, and your favorite TV programs while spending time in the great outdoors. After all, why should entertainment be confined to your home theater? With outdoor audio-video, you can expand and change up your entertainment space. 

You may say, “I already have an outdoor TV and speaker system.” But do you really have properly installed and premium system at your Bay Area home? To find out, keep reading our blog for the latest and greatest innovations in outdoor entertainment technology.  

Enjoy Autumn with an Outdoor Speaker System

Outdoor audio adds a new dimension to your San Francisco backyard.

Fall is here, and it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the cooling weather. Relaxing on your patio is better than ever when you do it with your favorite music. An outdoor speaker system is a durable, great-sounding way to enjoy the last weeks of the year, enjoying the beautiful Northern California landscape. Want to explore the possibilities of outdoor audio? Keep reading for more.

Satisfy Clients with an Outdoor Audio and Video Installation

Simplify your next new-construction home project by working with outdoor AV experts

Many homeowners are staying inside their Menlo Park properties this year. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a little fun in the sun. In fact, a lot are clamoring for outdoor audio and video upgrades for their outdoor spaces. As a local architect, you should be aware of an outdoor AV system’s most critical parts. Want to learn more, from the area’s leading technology expert? Keep reading.