How Integrators Help Designers and Builders Create Smarter Homes

Work with an Experienced Smart Home Integrator to Design and Install Audio-Video Systems  

Home automation is advancing at lightning speeds. More and more homeowners want to make their homes smarter – whether that’s adding a smart doorbell, lighting control, motorized shades, or a robust whole-home audio-video system. The takeaway for you? As a designer, builder, or architect, you’ll find that smart home systems improve your bottom line! In fact, smart home technology is a multi-billion-dollar industry that increases revenue and growth for your business.  

According to Digital Media Solutions, the most popular smart products in 2019 were video entertainment systems and speakers – occupying 60% of the smart home market. Adding smart audio-video systems to your service is a smart decision. Hermary’s can help you because we’ve been installing home technologies for decades.  

Keep reading to discover the benefits of using a smart home integrator for your next major renovation or new build.  

What’s the Most Important Part of Multi-Room Audio Video?

The answer may surprise you

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a multi-room audio-video system for your Alamo, CA property. Not only do you get to enjoy your music and TV content in any room of your home, but you get to experience them in high-quality resolutions. In other words, whether you’re in the kitchen or the home theater, your content will be of similar quality. But do you know the essential aspect of any multi-room system? It’s probably not what you think. To find out, keep reading.

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Invest in a Commercial Audio Video Upgrade

These statistics prove that AV is essential to sales and customer retention

If you run a business in Palo Alto, CA, you know how hard it is to break through to your customer base. Whether you want to sell a pair of slacks or keep diners satisfied, your strategy must go beyond providing the best products and services. You have to grab attention.

Thankfully, that’s easy to do when you have the right commercial audio-video equipment. In this blog, we’ll show you how upgrading your AV with digital signs, distributed audio, and IoT will help you retain customers and influence behavior. Keep reading for more.