Your home connected

Long gone are the days when homes only required cabling for electricity, cable TV, and telephone. Today, technology is advancing at unprecedented speeds to keep up with our insatiable appetite for information, connectivity, and entertainment choices. With multiple computers and laptops residing in most households, simultaneous internet use is a modern necessity.

Hermary’s has the ability to network computer systems together so you can share computer programs and internet access between all of the computers in your home. We can create a network that enables every computer in your home to access every application, printer, scanner and camera, regardless of its primary location. This technology allows complete portability to do what you want, when you want, from anywhere in your home.

A dual coax at each location is also necessary. The traditional single coax will be fully utilized by cable and satellite operators. The second coax (internal) allows highest speed and capacity, lowest cost, versatile network to access high-speed, and multiplexed telephony. Such applications include video distribution, multiple sources, security cameras, DSS, home theater, high speed data access, internet, cable modem,
computer network, analog and digital phone service distribution, ISDN, ADSL and multiple lines.

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Structured wiring is an absolute must-have technology in today’s fast-paced world. Structured cabling provides the ability to network computers and peripherals, watch satellite, cable TV or DVDs from any room, and access multiple telephone or fax lines, as well as voice and modem technologies.

Hard wiring is irreplaceable, even with new wireless data technology, because wireless data is not only slower and subject to interference, but it is also unsecure. Wireless data must propagate without interference in order to function properly, and given the limited nature of wireless bandwidth, and more products entering the market daily, network overcrowding and constant interferences are continuing to accelerate. Adding to the problem are changes in home structures – newer wall paints are containing higher and higher levels of metals, latest insulations contain aluminum backing, and the ever increasing number of pipes and wires running through walls means the possibility of a wireless system functioning flawlessly with one node is diminishing.

A hard wired structured cabling system is required for information, security and wireless transmission, as multiple nodes are needed to effectively cover almost any home over 3000 sq. feet.


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