A Smart Home Lighting System Is a Bright Idea for Your Home

Many homeowners consider home lighting to be merely functional. They turn on the lights when a room is dark and turn them off during the day. While they may have a few attractive lamps or fixtures, they don’t think lights can add more luxury to their lives. The truth is the right lighting in your home – a smart home lighting system – improves your rooms and enhances your life.

Smart lighting from Lutron is attractive and human-centric – designed to achieve the perfect balance of form and function for any space. You’ll see your home in a new light when you set lighting scenes, change the color and intensity of the lights, and program them to operate automatically. Keep reading to learn the two compelling reasons to upgrade to smart lighting.


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Go from Boring Bulbs to Lutron Lights

When Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, he probably never thought it would have become what it is today. We’ve come a long way over the past 100 years – moving from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LEDs and fiber optic lighting. And now, smart lighting has completely transformed how we illuminate our homes. Lutron is a leading manufacturer of smart, tunable lights. With tunable or human-centric lighting, you can change the color and intensity to set the perfect mood for any space or event.

If you’re hosting a party outside, it’s easy to program a lighting scene that creates the ideal ambiance: colorful lights for music and dancing or warm amber-hued lighting for small gatherings. You can do the same inside your home. Change the color and brightness of your lights for all the moments in your life. In addition, Lutron offers circadian lights that adjust throughout the day to sync with your body’s natural rhythm. They promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle, helping you fall asleep faster and wake more refreshed.


There’s a Reason They’re Called Smart Lights

Smart lighting not only elevates the ambiance in your home, but it also gives you complete command through one-touch control and automation. Instead of using traditional wall switches to turn your lights on and off, you have smarter ways to operate your lights: a sleek wall pad, a smart home tablet, or an app on your smartphone.

If you want to dim the lights before watching a movie in your home theater, it’s easy to do on your Control4 tablet. Touch an icon and make the changes you want. In fact, after programming a “movie night” scene in your system, you’ll press one button, and everything in the room responds to your command. The lights dim, the motorized shades lower, and your home entertainment system prepares for the show.

Maybe you want your lights to think for themselves. That can happen too! If you get up in the morning at a specific time, set an automated lighting scene. When the time comes, your bedroom lights slowly brighten, your motorized shades raise, and your favorite wake-up song plays through your whole-home sound system. You can also set a mock-occupancy scene that adjusts your home lighting when you’re on vacation, making it appear as if your home is occupied.


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