There are few speaker companies that have the legacy and respect that KEF has achieved since it was founded in 1961. Year after year they continue to bring new technologies and innovations to redefine what a loudspeaker can do. The one technology they pioneered that stands above all others is the Uni-Q point source driver. Unlike conventional speakers, where the tweeter and mid-ranger drivers are in different locations, the KEF Uni-Q driver allows sound that is critical in reproduction to come from the same point source. This technology allows KEF speakers to produce remarkable imaging, whether you are listening in the “sweet spot” of off to one side. This technology also makes KEF loudspeakers a natural choice for home theater.

What’s hot:

The new R-series. While KEF’s Reference series of loudspeakers are truly remarkable, they are also out of the budgets of many budding audiophiles. Enter the new R-series. Featuring many of the same innovations found in the Reference Series, the new R-series of loudspeakers gives you the signature KEF sound and imaging at new lower price points. The series is comprised of 2 bookshelf, 3 floor standing, 2 center speakers, a surround speaker, and a powered sub-woofer. The speakers are available in a beautiful piano gloss black, as well as Rosewood and Walnut real wood veneer finishes. We currently have the top-of-the-line R900 in our main music room, being driven by some wonderful Parasound Halo gear, and the combination is quite sublime. If you are looking for a speaker that can rock and roll all night, yet has the finesse to pull subtle details out of your favorite classical recordings, this is your speaker.