Multiroom Video Distribution Sends Content to Any or All Rooms With a Touch Of A Button

The streaming content revolution has increased our viewing options tenfold. When you add traditional sources such as cable TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, and video servers, managing the content can be ungainly. You want to have the luxury and convenience of watching any of the sources in any room. Rather than have multiple sources cluttering up each space or restarting a show when you move from the bedroom, you need a simple, straightforward solution.

A multiroom video distribution system provides a centralized approach to deliver content to any or all rooms of your Bay Area smart home.

Are you looking to enjoy your content anywhere in the house with one easy control? Read more to find out how a multiroom video system can make it happen.

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Any Media, Anywhere

Media distribution over a network via simple category cable gives you the ability to throw 4K video further with less wire and smaller receiver units. No longer do you need ‘miles’ of bundled thick copper cable, making new install and retrofits simpler and less labor-intensive. Because the content is pushed over an IP-based Ethernet network switching a source between destinations is faster and requires less equipment.

Less Clutter, More Watching

There is no need for multiple devices such as a cable box, Blu-Ray player, or streaming dongles in each room with a multiroom video system. All the sources can now be located in a central rack, hidden away from view, and accessed through touch screen controllers, mobile app, or remote.

Are you hosting a party on game day? With the touch of a few buttons, send the video to the patio, the den, and, of course, the kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the action on the screen from the comfort of the room they choose and at the volume level appropriate for the space.

Network Know-How

The data network is the backbone of any home entertainment system; you need to be confident that it can handle the bandwidth.  Keeping your vital network operating at peak performance requires detailed planning in design and installation.

Whether it is streaming full 4K ultra-high-definition video, whole-home audio distribution, or live gaming, your home network setup should be ready to handle it. Our expert team will ensure your network can deliver the multiroom video and audio without the dreaded buffering message.


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