How to Achieve the High-End Surround Sound You Want in Your Private Cinema

You want your home theater to be the coveted entertainment hub of your home. With custom décor and luxury theater seats, a big-screen TV or projector/screen system, and a powerful sound system, your private cinema should be designed to whisk you away into another world. While some homeowners know how to select the best décor and seats, as well as the display, they fall short when it comes to a home theater sound system.

It’s not that they want a subpar system. Instead, they lack the correct information to ensure amazing sound quality. In this blog, we’ll highlight the three mistakes to avoid – as well as the best choice – when designing a sound system for your home theater in the Bay Area.

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#1: Just Say “No” to TV Speakers

Not long ago, we watched movies and TV programs in high definition (HD), which consisted of a screen with 2 million pixels. Even though that seems like a lot, an HD TV can’t compare with a 4K. How about 8 million pixels?! Today’s 4K TVs and projectors provide incredible picture quality. Now, you enjoy shows and films that come alive with bright colors, deep contrast, and rich textures – as real-to-life as possible.

But here’s where some homeowners go wrong. They think their new 4K TV speaker system is the best way to listen to audio from a movie, TV show, or song. Even though premium TVs usually have excellent speakers, they simply cannot provide the surround sounds with deep bass rumbles and crisp highs that you crave.


#2: A Soundbar Could Be Subpar

To be fair, not all soundbars are bad. In fact, Monitor Audio manufactures soundbars that deliver stunning high-end sound that blows you away. These soundbars work perfectly in living room and family room settings as well as bedrooms and small media rooms. So, we’re not downplaying the benefits soundbars provide.

However, if you want a surround-sound experience in your home theater, a soundbar just won’t cut it. Since the audio comes from one source primarily, you’ll feel like the sound is coming from one place (the TV or screen). And you won’t feel immersed in the movie, which is something you certainly want!


#3: Keep the Loudspeakers in Your Media Room

Loudspeaker designers, such as Meridian and Bowers & Wilkins, have set themselves apart as the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Want to listen to high-end music just like the artists intended? Then play your songs through these premium loudspeakers. You’ll hear every note and nuance as you soak yourself in the musical intricacies of your favorite songs.

Like a soundbar, standalone loudspeakers aren’t the ideal choice for a home theater sound system. Certainly, the average person may settle for them, because they do provide much better sound quality than TV speakers. Still, if you want to get lost in a movie, the audio should envelop you – not simply come at you.


Here’s the Answer!

Surround sound is the only way to guarantee home theater audio that makes you feel like you’re in the center of the action. There are several excellent premium brands that accomplish this – brands like TRIAD, Sonance, and others. A 5.1 or 7.1 channel home theater sound setup sends specific audio from a movie to different speakers in your room, giving you the illusion that you’re in the middle of it all.

The home theater audio experts at Hermary’s can set up a system that complements your design motif and provides the superior surround sound you want. We help you avoid common mistakes, so you enjoy an extraordinary auditory experience in your home theater.


Turn your home theater into an audio-video masterpiece. Get started today by calling Hermary’s at 415-993-7600 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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