Enhance Your Office with Smart Boardroom Technology

Increase the Functionality of Your Menlo Park Office with Commercial Automation


The boardroom is where the biggest decisions for your business are made, so you want to make it a highly functional space that facilitates productivity and communication. Smart boardroom technology makes it easier than ever to operate in the ideal climate without any interruptions, allowing users to interact with the room in ways that streamline the meeting process.

Read on to learn how commercial automation solutions can upgrade presentations, environmental room functions, and telecommunications with a powerful central control system for your Menlo Park office.

The Best Way to Accentuate Homes: Smart Lighting

Lighting Control Systems are Changing the Game for Architects and Designers


There’s nothing that makes a house look amazing quite like natural light. Light can change the mood of any room, make areas feel larger and more open than they actually are, and draw attention to architectural finishes and décor. But light is also difficult to control.

For architects and designers, light is a challenge. It’s not as easy as just designing homes with lots of windows. You also have to think about how each room will look on cloudy days and evenings. And not everyone wants a home with floor-to-ceiling windows, making it difficult to create that open, airy atmosphere in each room.

Fortunately, lighting control systems are changing the game. A growing trend in the San Francisco, CA area, lighting control isn’t limited to just DIY, basic devices. Instead, architects and designers are leveraging smart technology to make homes look beautiful right from the start. These systems are top of mind during the initial planning of the home all the way through to the final staging – and the results are stunning.

5 Design Trends That Can Transform Your Next Project

How to Use Smart Technology to Achieve Your Goals


For designers, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends to create dynamic and innovative spaces for their clients. Everything from colors to fabrics can play a vital role in shaping the right ambiance. Realizing technology can also play a significant role can make you stand out from competitors. As you explore the latest industry trends, it’s worth considering ways technology can help you. This blog highlights just a few examples of how smart home automation is a crucial partner in achieving the design goals in your next project in San Carlos or San Francisco.

How Can You Incorporate Surveillance Into Your Design Plans?

Strike a Balance Between Protection and Style With the Right Tools


When you’re designing a project, most of the focus will go into highlighting the home’s best features and bringing out your client’s unique style. As you choose the ideal colors, furnishing, or lighting to accomplish this goal, are you considering how you can protect your client’s investment? In today’s world, integrating security technology seamlessly into your design plans is pivotal.

Home surveillance systems can be some of the most difficult for designers to integrate. Though many technology components can be hidden away, surveillance cameras are useful in part because they’re visible. On this blog, we’re highlighting some elements you should consider to ensure your clients have ample security coverage that doesn’t interfere with their stylistic goals.

Do You Know How to Prepare for Your Home Theater Design?

These (Unexpected) Elements Will Affect Your Theater’s Sound Quality   Many homeowners assume that speaker selection is the only element that will affect the sound quality in their home theater. The idea of just selecting the right speakers and trusting them to produce ideal results is appealing. While there are many high-end speakers on the…

Do You See Your Home in the Right Light

Use a Lighting Control System to Create the Right Scene at Your Home


Everybody uses their home in different ways: some see their home strictly as a place to relax — with no work brought in. This may mean keeping the home very private as a personal retreat away from work life, or it could mean using the home as a place for entertaining and having guests over. Others work from a home office, and some simply want space for personal hobbies or creative work.

Whatever your ideal activities may be, there are many ways a lighting control system can be used to customize your home’s look and feel in order to create the environment you want. Utilizing this technology to its full potential can transform your Menlo Park, CA home into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

In this blog, we will discuss the different ways a property can look when lighting control is used properly.

What Exactly is Your Home Technology Capable of Doing?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Smart Home Automation


In past blogs, we have discussed trends, specific technology, and dedicated project ideas. We now want to give a more high-level overview of what smart home automation is capable of and why it’s such an important aspect to complementing the individual smart technology products in your Atherton, CA home.

In this blog, we will look at what exactly smart home automation can do for your home and the technology within it.

Do You Want to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Experience?

Here’s What You Can Expect With Multi-Room Audio Video   The summer months are the perfect opportunity to enjoy your home entertainment in multiple areas of your home, including outdoors. You can listen to music by the pool or disappear for the weekend in your home theater for a Netflix marathon. When you use multi-room…

Experience the Best in Smart Home Technology

Check Out the Top Products and Features at Our Control4 Certified Showroom


While home automation was an obscure term just a few years back, smart home technology has now hit the mainstream. Zion Market Research predicts mart home sales will reach over $50 billion by 2022. So many devices have come out to control lights, climate, and entertainment from a smartphone, that now the difficult choice is figuring out which to add to your home.

How do you know the best way to get started? Enter Control4. The home automation company offers scalable solutions. You can start with just your media room and expand to your entire home over time. And now, you can experience their technology before you buy it. You can #C4Yourself by visiting our brand new Certified Control4 Showroom right in San Francisco.