3 Motorized Shading Designs to Incorporate into Your Projects

Check Out How Each of These Styles Elevates Your Clients’ Spaces Want to bring motorized window treatments to your client’s home designs, but aren’t sure how well they’ll mesh with the surrounding décor? Luckily, automated shades and blinds don’t just seamlessly blend in – they also enhance a homeowner’s personal style. So when you’re getting…

The Top 4 Benefits of Lutron Motorized Shades

Discover How Motorized Shades Can Improve Your Menlo Park Home


With over 20 years of experience in the motorized shades industry, Lutron has developed comprehensive shading solutions that give users maximum performance and control. From the physical shade to the electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware, all the components of their motorized window treatments have been designed with an impeccable eye for detail to ensure a top-quality final product.

Read on to learn why Lutron motorized shades are a must-have addition to your Menlo Park smart home.

How to Optimize the Natural Light in Your Next Project

Motorized Shades Offer a Versatile Tool for Architects and Designers Due to rising homeowner demand, “daylighting” is now a familiar term for both designers and architects. For many clients, harvesting natural light is one of their biggest priorities. When dealing with natural light, it can sometimes be a challenge to strike a balance between form…