3 Reasons Your Clients Are Investing in Home Surveillance

Fever detection, predictive analytics, and more

As an architect, you understand the value of building sturdy, secure homes. But in today’s ever-changing technology landscape, it’s no longer acceptable to merely build a home — it has to include the latest technology, too.

Homeowners overwhelmingly love smart home surveillance technology. However, at Hermary’s, we understand the struggle many builders face: how to incorporate modern technology into your home designs. If you’re building properties in San Carlos, CA, this is the blog for you.

Here, we’ll help you understand why smart home surveillance tech is more popular than ever and how it can benefit your clients. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Discover How Synology Surveillance Protects Your Home

Safeguard Your San Carlos Home with Synology Solutions   One of the great benefits of the rise of smart homes is that it’s now easier than ever for homeowners to protect their property with surveillance cameras linked to their smartphones, allowing for instant access to live feeds and saved surveillance data. Synology is one of…