Optimized Home Networking for Work, School, and Entertainment

Learn How Your Home Can Have a Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Do you have the speed you need for your home network? Your internet and Wi-Fi may have worked perfectly several years ago, but now it’s lagging. There’s a good reason why, too! As you add more Wi-Fi devices to your home networking system as well as connected smart products, it puts a strain on your network’s bandwidth. At the same time, your router will have trouble communicating wirelessly to so many devices simultaneously.

The only solution is to upgrade your system so it can handle all your devices, including your phones, computers, and smart home technologies. By installing advanced routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and enterprise-grade network solutions, Hermary’s ensures you always have a strong and stable connection at your Bay Area home. Keep reading to discover more.

4 Good Reasons to Switch to Ruckus Home Networking

Looking to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi in the Bay Area?

Wi-Fi is nearly as essential to our modern lifestyles as electricity, even more commonplace than cable and landline phones. That may sound dramatic, but many of us wouldn’t be able to work or communicate without it.

But oddly, where many people would immediately fix problems with household appliances and systems, we let our Wi-Fi run poorly for months, even years. If you’re struggling to get a signal in certain areas of your home, experiencing dropped or slow connections, or having to restart your router over and over—why haven’t you upgraded your home networking yet?

With more wireless devices in your home, you’re generating larger volumes of traffic. If you have phones, TVs, speakers, computers, and smart devices connecting to your Wi-Fi, you could benefit from a Ruckus home networking system.

But what is Ruckus, and why is it better than your existing router? Find out below to see how Ruckus can help your Bay Area home.

Ready to Upgrade Your Network?

Digital threats are more dangerous than ever. Here’s how you can fight back.

Many San Francisco, CA homeowners love the convenience of smart automation technology. But few recognize the importance of home networking. A network is the backbone of an automation system — it facilitates communication between devices by granting access to the internet.

And if you know anything about the internet, you know it can be a scary place. Keep your network secure and smart home responsive, intuitive, and quick-acting by upgrading these network solutions.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading below.

Build a Home Office Space That Keeps Your Design Clients Productive

Lead homeowners to the right networking and integrated technology solutions in their new construction home

With more Americans than ever looking at work-from-home options, it’s critical to consider technology when designing houses throughout Menlo Park. And it’s not just a fad; even before social distancing guidelines were in place in California, more than 66 percent of US businesses offered remote or partially remote arrangements. Additionally, employees who work from home report higher satisfaction and productivity.

An expert designer who understands the latest technology, from AV to home networking, can stand out in a crowded field. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.