Work with an Experienced Smart Home Integrator to Design and Install Audio-Video Systems  

Home automation is advancing at lightning speeds. More and more homeowners want to make their homes smarter – whether that’s adding a smart doorbell, lighting control, motorized shades, or a robust whole-home audio-video system. The takeaway for you? As a designer, builder, or architect, you’ll find that smart home systems improve your bottom line! In fact, smart home technology is a multi-billion-dollar industry that increases revenue and growth for your business.  

According to Digital Media Solutions, the most popular smart products in 2019 were video entertainment systems and speakers – occupying 60% of the smart home market. Adding smart audio-video systems to your service is a smart decision. Hermary’s can help you because we’ve been installing home technologies for decades.  

Keep reading to discover the benefits of using a smart home integrator for your next major renovation or new build.  

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Save Time & Money 

You are highly skilled at your trade. It takes years to learn how to create a finished product that is flawless, and you’ve probably learned from “hard knocks” how to do it right. Instead of taking the time to learn how to install audio-video wiring and equipment, turn to smart home integrators who are experts in the field. That way, you’ll avoid hours of training and practice, as well as certifications. Let an integrator take the challenge off your hands while you focus on other aspects of the project.  

Mistakes happen, and when they do, they cost money. The simplest way to avoid issues that affect your bottom line is to prevent them from happening in the first place. An AV integrator uses the right tools, processes, and equipment to do the job – all within budget. So, you’ll save money on labor costs and materials because you won’t need to do any last-minute repairs or renovations due to mistakes.  


Improve Your Profits  

Business is all about growth and revenue. Not only do you want to provide a valuable “product,” but you want to profit from it. Since homeowners are clamoring for high-tech audio-video systems, such as multi-room sound, outdoor AV, and home theatersnow is a great time to start offering it as a service.  

Just imagine: Instead of building standard homes, you can start offering custom smart homes with state-of-the-art AV systems. Then, you’ll acquire higher-end clients who pay more for your services, which ultimately means bigger profits for your company. From there, you can even segue into offering smart home systems, which is something Hermary’s also provides – both for new builds and renovations.  


Ensure Client Satisfaction  

If there’s one thing you understand as professional: it’s all about the client! It’s their money, their family, and their home. Making sure your client is satisfied with the work is of the utmost importance. Can you imagine building an inferior home that has structural, plumbing, or electrical problems soon after the homeowner moves in? That would be a nightmare for your business.  

Fortunately, you prevent that due to the quality of work you provide. By installing top-quality AV systems, we ensure the same thing: impeccable results. Hermary’s makes sure your audio-video systems – whether it’s wholehome audio, a home theater, or a media room – deliver amazing and reliable quality. 


Add value to your design-build company by partnering with Hermary’s for AV installation. Get started by calling 415-993-7600 or visiting our online contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.