Smart Reasons You Should Consider Updating Your Landscape Lighting System

Staying home means more time to explore your outdoor spaces

Just because you’re staying in your Palo Alto home these days, doesn’t mean you have to remain inside all day. It’s time to get out and enjoy your backyard a little. And now that the spring weather is bringing a little warmth, you can enjoy the great outdoors for longer. That means backyard parties with your family. One of the best ways to do that is with a landscape lighting system. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces without leaving your property, find out how smart lighting can help. Keep reading for more.

3 Reasons to Upgrade With Lighting Automation

Set Timers, Enjoy Voice Control and Explore the Possibilities of Smart Lighting

Lighting is among your most-used technologies. And chances are, you don’t even realize you’re using it half the time. You walk into a room and turn on the lights. When you install a lighting automation system in your San Francisco, CA home, things won’t seem to change much. You’ll walk into a room and turn on the lights. The difference is that thanks to timers, sensors, and voice control options, you won’t even have to lift a finger. It’s a profound change to your daily life — and one that you won’t even notice. Find out more here.

Designing for Wellness: Using Smart Lighting Control for Health

How Tunable Lighting Influences Wellness

Designers know that the secret to any good room layout isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about building a space optimized for use and comfort. Furniture and wall art can turn a house into a home. And designers can also utilize the technology in the room to influence feelings of comfort and wellness. For instance, tunable smart lighting control has transformed the way lighting affects our surroundings. What’s tunable lighting, and why is it a game-changer for designers in Tiburon, CA? Find out below.

Brighten Up Your Landscape with Smart Lighting Control

How to Enjoy Lighting in Your Backyard

The summer is here, and it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor barbecues and fun by the pool. At this time of year, there’s just no beating the Hillsborough, CA weather. But if you think you have to stop having outdoor fun once the sun goes down, think again. Smart lighting control for your outdoor spaces can help you stay out longer, keep you safe, and add beauty to your home. Here, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of it with simple controls. Keep reading for more.

Architectural Applications for Smart Home Control

Integrate Smart Technology Into Your San Francisco, CA Residential Projects Giving homes a smart upgrade is about merging the technology with your client’s lifestyle rather than putting a bunch of devices into a home and expecting your client to figure out what to do with it. Smart technology should blend seamlessly into the environment and…

How Can Smart Home Technology Help You Save Money?

From Motorized Blinds to Smart Lighting, These Smart Solutions Have Extra Value

The holidays are a time of great cheer, but your utility bills can put a real damper on this festive season. Having people over for Thanksgiving and Christmas means two months in a row of intense energy and gas usage. Lights are on all over the house, youre using your oven and stove throughout the day, and movies, TV shows, and sporting events are playing in different rooms to keep people entertained.

What if we were to tell you that you can give your home a technology upgrade that will help keep those utility costs down, not just during the holidays, but all year round? Keep reading to learn how motorized blinds and smart lighting control can help you save on the utilities for your Atherton, CA home.

How Can Smart Home Control Brighten The Holidays?

Entertaining In Your Menlo Park Home Has Never Been Easier

The turkey is in the oven, the green bean casserole has been assembled, and the cornucopia has been arranged on the dining room table. You’re ready for your Thanksgiving Day celebration, but there’s one element that could make the holiday even more engaging and relaxing: smart home control. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any other holiday, smart home automation introduces new opportunities for both design transformation and home functionality that will have you wowing guests by making entertaining easier.

Keep reading to learn how a smart home control system can make your Menlo Park a holiday oasis for friends and family.

Optimize the Functionality of Your Lighting Control System

Enhance Your San Carlos Home with Smart Lighting Control


A smart lighting control system is one of the best ways to highlight the beauty of your San Carlos home, but the benefits go far beyond interior design. You can get the most of your lighting control system by understanding its full potential, and with new advancements in technology every day, that functionality is only increasing.

Read on to learn more about how to use your lighting control system to brighten your mood, lower your energy bills, and protect your home while you’re away.

Enhance Your Office with Smart Boardroom Technology

Increase the Functionality of Your Menlo Park Office with Commercial Automation


The boardroom is where the biggest decisions for your business are made, so you want to make it a highly functional space that facilitates productivity and communication. Smart boardroom technology makes it easier than ever to operate in the ideal climate without any interruptions, allowing users to interact with the room in ways that streamline the meeting process.

Read on to learn how commercial automation solutions can upgrade presentations, environmental room functions, and telecommunications with a powerful central control system for your Menlo Park office.