Seamlessly Merge Your Home Build Design with Smart Home Control

Architecture and Smart Technology Can Work Together for Your Properties


Many homeowners don’t think smart home technology and their home’s architecture and design can come together easily. And as a builder or designer, you want to bring your clients a home layout that makes sense while still highlighting their home design.

So how can you bring smart technologies and smart home control into the mix without interfering with your plans? It turns out, these smart features and solutions can elevate your Los Altos Hills, CA homes’ design in every way.

Read on below to find out more about bridging these two concepts with one another.

Smart Home Control Builds You a Better Daily Routine

What Your System Can Bring to Your Everyday Life Imagine your smart system taking the everyday stresses out of your life at home. That’s the exact reality that smart home control brings to your whole Hillsborough, CA living space. With its variety of features and technologies, your system can elevate your home and minimize your…

See Your Home In A Different Light With Smart Technology

Motorized Blinds and Smart Lighting Enhance Your San Francisco, CA Home The lighting in your home plays an essential part in setting the mood. Walking into a dark house creates a very different feeling than walking into a bright one, and smart technology gives you the opportunity to dramatically change the ambiance with the push…

Architectural Applications for Smart Home Control

Integrate Smart Technology Into Your San Francisco, CA Residential Projects Giving homes a smart upgrade is about merging the technology with your client’s lifestyle rather than putting a bunch of devices into a home and expecting your client to figure out what to do with it. Smart technology should blend seamlessly into the environment and…

How Can Lutron Motorized Blinds Enhance Your Smart Home?

Motorized Blinds Complement the Design of Your San Carlos, CA Home Motorized blinds are a great multi-purpose smart home solution, playing a significant role in your home’s design while also providing other benefits when it comes to energy savings and even personal wellness. Your blinds give you privacy when you need it, help regulate temperatures…

Bright Home Lighting Ideas for 2019

Bring Smart Lighting Control to Your Hillsborough Home


Lighting is an essential element of how we engage with our homes. Without it, we would be literally lost in darkness. Because lighting is so important, the smart home technology industry has made major strides in giving end users unprecedented control over their lights, allowing them to adjust brightness, temperature, and even color with the push of a button on a remote control or smartphone app. This allows you to change the atmosphere of your home, but it also provides health and security benefits to make you feel better physically and mentally.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best smart lighting control features to enhance your Hillsborough home.

How Does Multi-Room A/V Affect Design-Build Process?

Be Prepared For Your Media-Heavy Hillsborough Projects


As smart home technology grows in popularity, multi-room audio and video systems are similarly seeing a surge in homeowner interest. Your clients can use their smart home control systems to access their media anywhere in their home at any time, so why not create an equally extensive A/V system that takes full advantage of an integrated technology network?

Whole house audio and video introduces some new challenges for builders, designers, and architects who need to learn out how to merge this technology with a living space and accommodate the wiring needed for strong, stable networking. Working with a smart home company like Hermary’s makes the lives of trade professionals much easier, and we have the expertise to make the smart home design-build process run smoothly for everyone involved.

Read on to learn about some things trade professionals can expect from multi-room audio video systems for their Hillsborough residential projects.