The Five Technologies You Need for Seamless Video Conferencing

Is it time to upgrade your conference room audio-video?

As of 2019, more than 66 percent of businesses across the country feature a remote or semi-remote workforce. And 16 percent are fully remote. Companies that utilize remote workers often experience higher employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. With that in mind, it appears that the business world is moving toward remote staff, and you should start preparing now to accommodate it. That means upgrading your Palo Alto, CA conference room audio-video system for seamless video conferencing. What technology do you need? Find out below.

Contemporary Home Theater Design Is Not What You Think

Flat-panel TVs, wireless surround sound, and smart automation are transforming movie night

If you’re a movie fan, you’ve likely heard the rumors that the megaplex is on the verge of extinction. Once a staple of the neighborhood, traditional theaters are going out of style. All the negative soothsaying tends to focus on the obvious culprit: streaming services like Netflix. But according to a Variety report last year, new evidence suggests the exact opposite. The same people who do the most streaming are also the ones who still buy tickets.

Of course, the rise in streaming availability indicates a significant change in the way we watch movies. Homeowners want systems that are versatile, elegant, and easy-to-use. If you’ve considered adding a private cinema to your Saratoga CA  property, here are the essential home theater design trends to keep in mind.