WIDR and Quieter: Lutron’s New Motorized Shades Improve on Perfection

The lighting leader also unveiled next generation dimming at CEDIA 2019

Lutron isn’t a leader in lighting control for nothing. Their ability to improve on their already trusted smart components makes them a great place to start if you’re looking for innovation and quality. At this year’s CEDIA, they unveiled improvements for their motorized shades, the first update to HomeWorks in eight years, and the LED+ dimming — which aims to revolutionize lighting control. Find out what it all means for your Sausalito, CA, home here.

Rethinking the Kitchen: Embracing Smart Home Control In the Heart of the Household

How Interior Designers Can Combine Style and Function in the Kitchen

There’s no denying it: smart home control is in demand. If you’re an interior designer working with San Francisco clients you’ve probably already encountered the increased need for smart technology throughout the home. And, according to a study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (as reported by CEPro), interior designers are most interested in learning about smart technology for the kitchen. The Kitchen Awareness and Usage Report found that more than half of the surveyed designers were interested in learning about smart appliances, integrated lighting, and voice control for the kitchen. If you want to learn more about these topics, keep reading.

The Top 4 Benefits of Lutron Motorized Shades

Discover How Motorized Shades Can Improve Your Menlo Park Home


With over 20 years of experience in the motorized shades industry, Lutron has developed comprehensive shading solutions that give users maximum performance and control. From the physical shade to the electronic drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware, all the components of their motorized window treatments have been designed with an impeccable eye for detail to ensure a top-quality final product.

Read on to learn why Lutron motorized shades are a must-have addition to your Menlo Park smart home.

The Best Way to Accentuate Homes: Smart Lighting

Lighting Control Systems are Changing the Game for Architects and Designers


There’s nothing that makes a house look amazing quite like natural light. Light can change the mood of any room, make areas feel larger and more open than they actually are, and draw attention to architectural finishes and décor. But light is also difficult to control.

For architects and designers, light is a challenge. It’s not as easy as just designing homes with lots of windows. You also have to think about how each room will look on cloudy days and evenings. And not everyone wants a home with floor-to-ceiling windows, making it difficult to create that open, airy atmosphere in each room.

Fortunately, lighting control systems are changing the game. A growing trend in the San Francisco, CA area, lighting control isn’t limited to just DIY, basic devices. Instead, architects and designers are leveraging smart technology to make homes look beautiful right from the start. These systems are top of mind during the initial planning of the home all the way through to the final staging – and the results are stunning.

5 Design Trends That Can Transform Your Next Project

How to Use Smart Technology to Achieve Your Goals


For designers, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends to create dynamic and innovative spaces for their clients. Everything from colors to fabrics can play a vital role in shaping the right ambiance. Realizing technology can also play a significant role can make you stand out from competitors. As you explore the latest industry trends, it’s worth considering ways technology can help you. This blog highlights just a few examples of how smart home automation is a crucial partner in achieving the design goals in your next project in San Carlos or San Francisco.

Technology for Your Health? Here’s How We Make it Possible

Use Smart Home Automation to Improve Quality of Life It’s well known that technology can enhance your home in a number of ways: energy-savings, convenience, aesthetics, and more. But did you know that smart home automation can improve your health as well? In addition to serving your Hillsborough, CA home, your smart technology can also…