Effortless Command of the Smart Technologies in Your Home

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Every year, new technologies enter the market. From smartwatches and new iPhones to 8K televisions and ultra-short-throw projectors, the invention and development of new products add more luxury and convenience to our lives. Have you been paying attention to the newest advances in the smart home industry? If you haven’t, you may have a less-than-luxurious lifestyle.

A Control4 smart home system dramatically improves how you interact with your lights, motorized shades, security system, and much more. As a leading Control4 dealer in San Francisco, CA, Hermary’s stays on the cutting edge of home automation. Keep reading to learn some of the popular C4 technologies that transform your way of life.

Build a Home Office Space That Keeps Your Design Clients Productive

Lead homeowners to the right networking and integrated technology solutions in their new construction home

With more Americans than ever looking at work-from-home options, it’s critical to consider technology when designing houses throughout Menlo Park. And it’s not just a fad; even before social distancing guidelines were in place in California, more than 66 percent of US businesses offered remote or partially remote arrangements. Additionally, employees who work from home report higher satisfaction and productivity.

An expert designer who understands the latest technology, from AV to home networking, can stand out in a crowded field. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

What Makes a Savant System Different?

A smart home installation that’s easy-to-use

There’s no better way to enjoy your home than with the right technology. With a single button, you can affect multiple devices and prompt them to action throughout your San Francisco, CA property. And there are few competitors when it comes to simple control that offer solutions better than Savant — a leader in smart home systems. Why is Savant right for your smart home installation? To find out why keep reading.

Experience the Best in Smart Home Technology

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While home automation was an obscure term just a few years back, smart home technology has now hit the mainstream. Zion Market Research predicts mart home sales will reach over $50 billion by 2022. So many devices have come out to control lights, climate, and entertainment from a smartphone, that now the difficult choice is figuring out which to add to your home.

How do you know the best way to get started? Enter Control4. The home automation company offers scalable solutions. You can start with just your media room and expand to your entire home over time. And now, you can experience their technology before you buy it. You can #C4Yourself by visiting our brand new Certified Control4 Showroom right in San Francisco.