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For a sports fan, there nothing quite like sitting in your favorite sports bar, watching your favorite teams, surrounded by your friends. If you own a sports bar in need of upgrades, or are thinking about opening a new one – Hermary’s can help. From video walls (multiple TVs linked together that can operate as individual TVs or display a single large image) to video distribution (any game on any TV) to properly balanced reinforced sound (even distribution throughout the venue) to acoustic treatments (tame that echo chamber!)

But did you know that we can transform almost any room into your own personal game room? That’s right! Now you can have all the excitement of going to your favorite sports bar … right in your own home. Talk about being the envy of your friends! Hermary’s can handle all aspects of the transformation – including the beer tap and wine cellar, the sports memorabilia, even the pool table. Don’t believe it? Come check out our game room featuring a giant 110” video wall.

We offer a wide variety of products to suit any customer’s needs