Lighting Automation

Eliminate confusion and control your whole house from one switch

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Lighting Control

Most homeowners don’t give lighting much thought until they are faced with avoidable problems ranging from small to serious. Does it sometimes take more than one flick of a switch before the right light comes on? How often have you reached for the light switch with your arms full of groceries? Have you stubbed your toe in the dark before you could reach for the light? Are there times when you would have felt safer had the lights been on as you walked up to your doorstep? Do you think intruders would be as likely to stay in your home if all the lights came on as they set off the alarm? There is no doubt that in case of a fire alarm, the exit path lighting up could save lives. A lighting system from Hermary’s and Lutron solves all of those problems and more.

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Energy Efficient

One of the great features of Hermary’s lights and shading systems is the reduction of energy consumption. All the lights, along with shades and thermostats, can be turned off with a touch of a button, making sure you are never driving to work, wondering if you switched that bathroom light off before you left. Hermary’s also offers custom designed shades that automatically and continuously adjust based on the position of the sun. Not only is your furniture protected from sun damage, but the temperature in your home is kept at an optimum, reducing energy bills associated with heating and cooling the home.

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Security and Convenience

Practical benefits of a lighting working in conjunction with your security system simply cannot be ignored. What if setting off the alarm automatically opened the curtains and turned on all interior lights, and the exterior lights started flashing, alerting the neighbors or warning you not to enter your home? Inside, a press of a button can activate the same settings, averting a possible intruder from staying in your home. Creating an emergency setting where only floor lights guiding you to the exit lit up could save lives in an event of a fire.

Lights and shades in the system can be programmed to turn on automatically – whether activated by a motion detector as you enter a room or approach the driveway, or synchronized with a switch such as the garage door. Imagine the convenience of the garage door opening and turning on the lights in the garage, hallway and other rooms you go to when you first come home.

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Better looking

As with all of Hermary’s projects, aesthetics are as important as innovation. Replacing endless light and shades switches with one touch-screen keypad not only adds a touch of effortless elegance, but simplifies your home’s lighting so you never have to flick multiple light switches again.

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Setting the Ambiance

Let’s use the kitchen as an example of how Hermary’s lighting systems help you create the ambiance you enjoy. Switch the “Preparation” button to have all the curtains open and the lights turn on full intensity. When you’re ready to eat at the breakfast bar, switch the “Dinner Time” button, and watch the shades draw closed, counter lights turn off and wall lights glow softly. The same can be applied in every room in the home, and you can choose the number of ‘scenes’ you would like, and determine exactly how you would like them set.

The settings are easily modified if your needs change. All and any settings throughout your home are easily changed from one central keypad or remotely through the internet. Hermary’s team of professionals will show you how to operate the user-friendly system, and are available to help 24/7.

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