planar-mosaic-wesley-chapel-hospital_directDIGITAL SIGNAGE

Hermary’s staff are great fans of digital signage as it is brand new concept in advertising. Utilizing flat panel displays, content is easily updated saving business printing and installation costs of a static sign with the ease of frequent changes. A great use of this are restaurants enabling changing their menus easily and frequently and with an interactive screen a dinner can view menu items and make their own reservations. A spin off of digital signage is being utilized by Hermary’s in residential sport bars allowing our clients to watch multiple sport games at the same time. A second application that we love is multiple screens and sizes to for a unique wall of art and displaying family and vacation photos. With exclusive technology from Planer Mosaic Hermary’s can mix and match three different LCD displays and sizes and program each panel to know its own location and orientation relative to the others. Then connect any video source up to 4K resolution and the picture will display automatically across a unique array of video tiles.


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