Cabinet Designed and Built by Hermary's


Our Service

Hermary’s is proud to personally supply all of the furniture that we put into your home. We design and manufacture all cabinets and furnishings according to the individual style of your home, regardless of size or fashion. Our insistence on using only the very best materials and techniques means that your home theater is beautiful not only cosmetically, but in the way that it’s made. Our cabinet maker uses time honored crafting methods to guarantee immaculate detail and flawless proportions. Such a high level of quality is unmistakable to even the untrained eye.

The Craft

A key component in cabinetmaking is joinery, crucial in both the beauty and durability of any woodwork. As a natural material, wood shrinks and swells with changes in humidity. A 12-inch wide board can expand or shrink approximately 1/8 of an inch over the course of a year, making it vulnerable to cracking or breaking. Antique furniture that is still around today has survived largely because it was made using joinery that Hermary’s still practices today.

mortise and tendon joinery

Mortise and Tendon

A mortise is the opening cut in piece of wood, and a tendon is the piece that is shaped to fit in it. This joint is used to join cross members.

Dovetail Joinery


The traditional joint used for drawers and to join casework in fine cabinetry. The dovetail actually locks the wood in place in one direction.

floating panel

Floating Panels

Frame and panel doors feature solid wood panels that fit into grooves in the wood of the frame. This construction allows the wood panel to “float” with the seasonal movement of humidity.

Veneered Woods

Another way to control the movement of wood is to glue thinly sliced sheets of wood to a more moisture-resistant substrate. This technique allows woodworkers to select unusually beautiful boards and carry the appearance of the wood grain throughout the piece.