Founded in 2000, Synology builds high performance and reliable NAS servers for the consumer and commercial industry. What is a NAS server you ask? NAS stands for network attached storage. In simplest terms, a NAS is a hard drive that sits on your network rather than being tethered to a single computer. The benefits of a NAS are many. Not being tied to a single computer means that multiple computers can pull from and back up to the NAS. It means that the contents of your NAS are available to devices such as music servers at all times, rather than a computer that must be powered on at all times. And that is just the beginning.

Synology NAS servers are the perfect choice for backing up your computers, and storing your music, videos and photos. With native iTunes residing locally, access to your music is easier simple and elegant. But a Synology NAS can do so much more. One of the most popular uses is a DVR for IP-based surveillance cameras. With solutions for anything from large business to small home offices to just a great place to store your digital media library – Synology is the perfect solution.

What’s hot:

Any of their RackStation products. Now your NAS can reside with your AV gear, while only taking up as little as 2” of height. Available in 2-bay and 4-bay models, you decide the amount of storage based upon your needs. And with built in RAID drive protection and hot-swappable hard drive design, upgrading and replacing failing drives is a breeze!


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