There are numerous manufacturers of projection screens. But there is only one manufacturer recognized as the “benchmark”, and that is Stewart Filmscreen. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen is a family-owned business that manufactures the finest projection screens for the residential, professional, and commercial markets. While many people will tell you there a little or no differences between screens, we are here to tell you that nothing is further from the truth. Stewart brings their expertise in the commercial and professional markets to the consumer market.
Stewart Filmscreen Corp is recognized as the “benchmark” manufacturer of projection screens worldwide. The qualities that make Stewart Filmscreen products the pinnacle of optimal function and value are guaranteed by extreme attention to detail throughout all of the activities of the company.
Stewart is proud to serve the most particular, innovative, quality conscious customer base in the projection industry. In order to satisfy these customers, Stewart listens carefully, innovates thoughtfully and executes flawlessly, meeting or exceeding all customer expectations.
A family-owned business since 1947, Stewart maintains the highest standards in screen design, craftsmanship, and customer service. Stewart Filmscreen continues to design and manufacture innovative screen products for the residential, professional, and commercial markets, bringing the same quality and innovation to all viewing environments.
At Stewart Filmscreen we have a staff of expert product specialists ready to accommodate your most complex screen designs. Our staff is trained to solve both large-scale commercial projects as well as small intricate in-home designs. We specialize in making custom screens designed to fit your specifications. You are never restricted or limited to “off-the-shelf” styles or sizes.

What’s hot:

Grey screen technology. For environments with high ambient light, a gray screen enhances black levels, which improves contrast. Stewart goes beyond a simple gray material, and adds a specialized optical coating to achieve a full range of brightness and dynamic color range. In fact, the first Stewart screen to introduce this technology (the Firehawk) has won more industry awards in one year than any other projection screen in history.

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