Back in 1994 Planet Waves is well known for the high quality guitar straps by musicians all over the world. Fast-forward to today and they have taken what they learned with guitar straps and used those methods to make high quality cables. From HDMI to RCA, Planet Waves has a cable for every application.

What’s hot:

Planet Waves makes a complete line of HDMI cables. Starting at 1 foot going up all the way to 45 feet. These cables meet the current HDMI specification and can handle both 3D and 4k. But what really sets these cables apart from their competition is the locking HDMI connector. These cables can be locked into source or display equipment with an included thumbscrew lock system. You will never have to worry about HDMI cables falling out of your equipment again.

Let us know what you’re in the market for and we’ll contact you back with your options and help you to make sure it suits all of your needs.

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