Everyone loves the locals, and we really love Parasound. This San Francisco based company has long been building hi-end audio electronics for real people. Hi-end electronics that are built like tanks, and sound much better than their prices would lead you to believe. Currently, their electronics line is divided into three tiers: mini, traditional, and over-the-top. OK, we made those up. Parasound calls them Parasound Z, New Classics, and Halo. Working our way from top to bottom, Halo amplifiers and pre-amps offer stunning build quality, unmatched sound, and stunning good looks. Many of the products can be found on several best-of lists from some of the industries most recognized sources. New Classics offer the best bang for the buck in the industry, with a quality to price ratio unheard of in the electronics industry. And finally Parasound Z is a full line of components that are small in size but not in quality and performance.

What’s hot:

The Zdac digital to analog converter. Part of Parasound’s Z-series line of “half-width” audio components, the Zdac is one of those products that comes along once in a great while. Working with famed digital experts Holm Acoustics, who designed the DAC section of Parasound’s legendary Halo CD1 CD player, they are able to create a component that sounds much more expensive than it really is. This amazing DAC has 3 inputs, USB, coaxial, optical to improve the audio from more than just a CD player. Hook it up to your computer’s USB port and play high-resolution digital downloads that will astound you with their warmth and clarity. The unit even includes a high quality headphone section, for when private listening is needed.


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