We all know that poor power is your AV gears worst enemy. But few of us know just how bad the power in our home really is. Henry Moody did – and he founded Panamax in 1975 to correct this. The Panamax roots lie in the commercial industry, but they quickly saw a need for consumer products featuring the same technology and protection.

Panamax components protect your sensitive electronics from power surges. But just as important, they also protect your components from dips in power, know as brown outs. And they clean the incoming electricity to help ensure your equipment operates in top form. Many models also feature protection for phone, network and CATV.

Panamax acquired Furman in 2007, and together they are industry leaders inn both residential and commercial power management.

What’s hot:

BlueBOLT – Let’s face it … today’s A/V gear is more like a computer than ever before. And the simple fact is that, like computers, it occasionally locks up. Those who had early DirecTv DVRs know exactly what I am talking about. The simple solution: unplug the component that’s locked up, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. No problem. Unless of course, like most stacks of A/V gear, it’s next to impossible to get to the power cord, let alone find the right one. Sure – you could unplug the power strip or reset the circuit breaker. But that’s like punishing all of your children when only one was bad. (Bad DVR! Bad DVR!)

With BlueBOLT technology, you can use any web browser to power off and then on any piece of your A/V gear. It really is quite simple. BlueBOLT is built into several models of power conditioners made by Panamax. So not only do you get a really smart way of power cycling your A/V gear, but this gear also gets state-of-the-art protection against power surges, brown-outs, and electrical noise. Heck, there’s even a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) that can be BlueBOLT enabled. That’s the hat trick of equipment protection all in one box!

Let us know what you’re in the market for and we’ll contact you back with your options and help you to make sure it suits all of your needs.

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