The heart of any surround sound system is the surround receiver. You could also argue it’s the most important part. So when Hermary’s designs a surround system, Integra is usually the receiver of choice. Integra products are built with custom integration in mind. They offer superior build quality, state-of-the art parts, and a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. Each and every surround receiver is THX-certified, not just the top-of-the-line model. Each can upscale any video source to 4K resolution. And each comes with full RS-232 control. This may mean little to you. To us it means our single remote solutions will communicate perfectly with the heart of your system. For Hermary’s, that’s a very important part of every job we design.

What’s hot:

Some times a surround receiver is just not enough. Sometimes you need a separate processor and a separate multi-channel amplifier to get the most out of your surround system. Sometimes only the best will do. Integra created the DHC-80.3 surround processor and DTA-70.1 multi-channel amplifier for just such times. The DHC-80.3 offers 9.2 channels of surround decoding (that’s 2.1 more than 7.1), more inputs and outputs than a mere human should ever need, pretty much every surround sound format available, Audyssey’s best room correction system, 4K upscaling, and we’re just scratching the surface. The DHC-80.3 was just awarded Home Theater magazine’s 2011 top pick of the year award. Add the DTA-70.1 9-channel amplifier (at 150 watts per channel) and you’ve got the ability to unleash hell on the most unsuspecting home theater system.



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