Manufacturers of some of the finest AC power conditioning in the world, Furman has been protecting protecting audio and video gear since 1974. Originally founded for the professional audio industry, Furman now manufactures an entire line of products to protect nearly any component with a power cord. Some of the technologies invented by Furman include: Multi-Stage Protection, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, True RMS Voltage Regulation, and Linear Filtering Technology. What does this all mean? Quite simply, when plugged into any of Furmans wide range of products, your AV and computer gear is getting the protection it needs. These are not accessories – these are necessities. Furman was acquired by Panamax in 2007, and together they are industry leaders inn both residential and commercial power management.

What’s hot:

BlueBOLT allows remote power control of any device plugged into a BlueBOLT equipment piece. With BlueBOLT technology, you can use any web browser to power off and then on any piece of your A/V gear. It really is quite simple. BlueBOLT is built into several models of power conditioners made by Furman. So not only do you get a really smart way of power cycling your A/V gear, but this gear also gets state-of-the-art protection against power surges, brown-outs, and electrical noise. Heck, there’s even a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) that can be BlueBOLT enabled. That’s the hat trick of equipment protection all in one box!


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