BG Radia was founded in Incline Village, Nevada as the Bohlender-Graebener Corporation in 1993, with the goal to become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality planar-ribbon speakers. Planar-ribbon driver technology was first conceived in the 1930’s but never gained popularity due to limitations in materials and technology. But times have changed, and today ribbon technology is found in some of the finest speakers in the world. Years of research by dedicated engineers has given BG Radia the ability to produce a speaker with unmatched clarity, dynamic range, low distortion and amazing sound coverage.

What’s hot:

The model FS-420. Cheap – nope. Easy to drive with any old surround receiver – nope. Small and compact – no way. But … stunning sound – oh yes. And available in almost any customer color you can imagine. The FS-420s are a 3-way floor standing loudspeaker. The stunning highs are produced by BG Radia’s Neo3 ribbon tweeter. The warm, natural mids are produced with a pair of Neo10 ribbon mid-ranger drivers. And the solid, authorative bass is thanks to a pair of 6 ½” woofers. Together, they combine for a “wall of sound” unlike any you’ve ever heard.


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