Axis created the world’s first IP camera back in 1996. Developed by Martin Gren and Carl Axel Alm this camera had a built-in webserver and could be viewed remotely no matter where you were in the world. Since then Axis has been a leader in this technology and has taken what was an analog only system to fully digital.

What’s hot:

We’ve all seen the grainy and blurry video footage that inexpensive camera’s record. But what good is the camera if you can’t identify the person in the video footage? Axis has the answer! Their HD megapixel cameras capture more detail and wider coverage than standard resolution cameras. With the addition of IR sensors you can even capture this video footage at night. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras allow you to follow the intruder so that you can capture every single movement. With all of these features Law Enforcement will be able to identify an intruder much faster, keeping your family safe.

Let us know what you’re in the market for and we’ll contact you back with your options and help you to make sure it suits all of your needs.

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