Home Theater Design Spotlight: Smart Lighting

Don’t overlook this essential element

There’s plenty to focus on when you’re building a dream home theater in your San Carlos, CA property. You know that it doesn’t have to be a stuffy, old-fashioned, or traditional private cinema. It can be a versatile space that accommodates your entire family and their favorite content, from movies to sports to video games. But no matter how much you depart from the norm, you don’t want to forget one essential element of home theater design: lighting control. Find out what you need to know in this month’s spotlight.

Do You Know How to Prepare for Your Home Theater Design?

These (Unexpected) Elements Will Affect Your Theater’s Sound Quality   Many homeowners assume that speaker selection is the only element that will affect the sound quality in their home theater. The idea of just selecting the right speakers and trusting them to produce ideal results is appealing. While there are many high-end speakers on the…