Axis Communications Awarded New Cybersecurity Certification

UK security board approves the home surveillance company. Here’s what it means for you.

The UK may seem like it’s half a world away from Alamo, CA, but when it comes to cybersecurity, that distance doesn’t mean much. So, when the UK’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner awards recognition to Axis Communications for its dedication to cybersecurity, it’s essential no matter where you are in the world. In this blog, we’ll explain who the Surveillance Camera Commissioner is, what it means to receive the recognition, and how it will impact your home surveillance installation. Keep reading for more.

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How Can You Incorporate Surveillance Into Your Design Plans?

Strike a Balance Between Protection and Style With the Right Tools


When you’re designing a project, most of the focus will go into highlighting the home’s best features and bringing out your client’s unique style. As you choose the ideal colors, furnishing, or lighting to accomplish this goal, are you considering how you can protect your client’s investment? In today’s world, integrating security technology seamlessly into your design plans is pivotal.

Home surveillance systems can be some of the most difficult for designers to integrate. Though many technology components can be hidden away, surveillance cameras are useful in part because they’re visible. On this blog, we’re highlighting some elements you should consider to ensure your clients have ample security coverage that doesn’t interfere with their stylistic goals.

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